Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Do you ever get songs stuck in your head that you actually may like. no matter how long it has been stuck there you can just go along with the tune and have a happy day. Sometimes when I'm tuning out people I get a glazed look over my face as if I am listening. In reality I am having a tiny dance party in my head and once I see them stop moving there lips I come back to reality.
My go to stuck in my head song that makes me happy is Billy Idols Dancing with Myself. Although that is the song I don't see him performing it I see Roddy St James of Kennsington dancing to it. If you don't Know who that it you should watch Flushed Away. It's a DreamWorks Animated cartoon and also one of my favorites.

I was immersed in my own little world and forgot where i was going with this. Eh oh well.

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