Sunday, February 3, 2013


I don't do new years resolutions I find that if I think I am going to get something done I end up doing the complete opposite and fight the change the entire time. It's a stubborn thing, sue me.
Instead I find setting small goals for myself at the beginning of the year may help me achieve some of the bigger ones I have planned without sabotaging myself.
1) Take more pictures! Since I have quit doing photography for others I haven't felt the need to take photos of my own kids. Well last year I only had one kid since I was pregnant and had zero amount of entergy.
2) Sew atleast one thing a month. I don't care if it's something as simple as fixing one of my daughters dresses that has come unthreaded or even a seam pop in a pair of pants I WILL sew something.
3) Breathe. I tend to make myself stressed out by the simplest things, you know like the dishes not being done or the laundry not being switch right after it finishes in the wash. I think that if I just breathe and take things one step at a time I will be able to get more accomplished and will be happier in the long run.
4) Run a 5k, this isn't that big of a deal but I haven't ran farther then the hallway in over a year so I wanted to start out small. 

As Bug would say 4 is a good number and since I don't want to overwhelm myself after having a baby I think I will stick with 4 this month and slowly add things through out the year.

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