Friday, March 8, 2013

525600 photos

I swear that is the amount of photos I have to go through on my external hard drive. OK it may be a song from RENT but shhhhh nobody knows that if I change the word from minutes to photos. :)

Yea I am in a weird nothing really makes sense so just go with it kind of mood. so please... just go with it.  so back to the photos I was going through and Organizing them along with adding more from my desk top because I got a very scary black screen with the words HARD DRIVE FAILURE IMMINENT  EKKKKK, OK I added the EKKKKK part but how scary is that?! now I am just wondering if it was some sort of grand scheme of MLH's to get me to organize something. Well that's giving him WAY to much credit.

Anyway this is what I found.

Top one is Pan and the bottom is Bugs

Just after they were born you can tell they have to totally different personalities! I mean who wouldn't want a warm bath :)

I can't wait to start comparing photos from different stages in life with these two. I already know that Pan is way bigger then Bug was. He is 8 weeks and can already fit into some of the 6-9 mth sleepers that at one time were hers. when it took her at least 5 months to get there. he is a big kid though really long and has long feet as well. Personally I think that is a good thing since he is a boy.

Well I still have Blessing photos to post of him in his cute outfit but until then here are a few fun ones I found of Bug while going through all those photos.

It's her birthday month I am allowed to go back and post cute things. :)

yeah for blogging two days in a row!

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