Sunday, March 31, 2013


I've noticed that the last few years I haven't actually blogged about Easter, whether it was due to the fact that I just forgot to take photos, me being too lazy or maybe I just forgot to blog about it. There is a good chance that Facebook has absorbed all of the happens when I don't blog.  One of the things that I said I would do more of was take photos. So that I did:

 Obviously we aren't in our cute Easter Church clothes. Well by "WE" I mean Pan , MLH and I Bug has been dressed like this since Last night, (only joking I didn't let her sleep in the dress) My mom made this dress and Bug just loves it. She spins in it and curtsies it is really quite amusing to watch her. So back to our clothes. Well me having the excuse of just having a baby and also mot being able to wear dresses due to nursing I had pretty much NOTHING to wear from my closet. I really should have just worn PJ's to church. I had Pan dressed up to cute today from the stripped vest down to the argyle shoes he had on. I guess he had different plans because Lance hears him let out the BIGGEST TOOT EVER! sadly it wasn't a toot it was a massive blow out! Well there goes that outfit. he managed to poop on everything except the vest and his socks. I'd say that is pretty impressive. So needless to say no photos of that cuteness so we pretty much just got changed and headed out to MLH's parents house. There we ate good food, enjoyed watching Bug's  cousins run around and find eggs, play in some bowls of water and enjoy each others company. All in all it was a good day.

 Bug not smiling, she has this face and then super creepy excited smile. I'm not sure which one I like better.

 Bug and Cousin L, they love play and also antagonize each other. That's what family is for right?!
What Pan did while everyone was outside having fun. this is a little bunny he got from Grandma C it is very snuggly and soft.

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