Saturday, March 23, 2013

New Do.

The other Day I took Bug and also Pan to the Salon with me so I could get my hair done. normally it isn't ideal for me to take them but considering MLH wasn't home and I really needed to get this monstrosity fixed I braved it. The more I think about it I really wish I had done a before and after photo. Both Kids did AMAZING waiting out the 2.5 hours of me sitting in a chair gettin' all pretty. Then when all was said and done Bug says' ooooh Mum-ma you look like twilight.

My thinking:

Yeah, why do I look like a vampire? Do I need to eat something am I looking pale?

Her Thinking:

Oh I get it you think I look like Twilight Sparkle because I had my hair cut like this:

I really do love the way her mind looks and I also love my new hair cut, makes me happy. and Hey I get to look like a My Little Pony, total bonus in my book. :)


Ashlee Thornton said...

very cute! I love it with the wrap around your head. I wish i could pull it off!

Farley said...

yay 10 year old nemiha is back!

Roxanne said...

my little pony is all the RAVE these days--you are adorable!