Monday, April 29, 2013

My Three S's

So here goes with the S's

First one is Snuggling. I get to snuggle the cutest kids on a daily basis. Bugs is go good with Pan, just yesterday morning MLH and I were being lazy and we were listening to Bugs talk to her brother then when he started to scream she would match his pitch and scream back then you would hear him giggle. It made my heart sing with pride because she gets along and loves her brother so much. The other thing she does that I think is funny is she will put her little dolls in his crib and tell me that they are his girlfriends before she hops up and gets in the crib herself to snuggle him.

Second is Sewing I don't know what it is but I can not turn my brain off! I keep drawing and designing and sewing things, if you could see my house you can tell I have been doing little cleaning and more sewing, the thread pile on my floor was actually visible :) so far in the last few weeks I have designed and made multiple items for not only Bugs but Pan as well. I am trying to get photos on them wearing said items and I am crossing my fingers that the weather stays nice for a bit so I can take them out and photograph them soon. Bugs is loving the fact that I am sewing more and has actually drawn up some of her own dress designs to add to her pile of "I want mommy to sewing these for me"

Third would have to be the Sun. Since the weather FINALLY started to warm up again we have been trying to go on little adventures. We call them Adventures because Bug thinks it is more fun that way. yesterday we decided to have a family picnic up the canyon. it was beautiful up there, well weather wise, the trees are still looking as if they are having a hard time coming out of winter. The best part was being able to do this as a healthy family, healthy being a word I never thought I would take for granted and I know that in the future if we continue to stay healthy I will try my best to make the most of it.

Well there you go. My short list of S's I am sure I could have added a few more, but those are the ones i like the most.

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