Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Pan 7 months

Hey check me out only 3 days late instead of 2 weeks!!!

Mister is a pro sitter, and also snuggler that kid just wants to watch anything and everything everyone is doing all the time. I'm pretty sure his favorite person is Bug, whenever she is in the room he laughs continuously.  most of these photos are from when Bug, Pan and I went to California to see my parents and also all the cousins. it was a lot of fun to see all the kids interact with each other.
Fake cough face. sooo funny. 

this chair has gone through all 10 grandkids the oldest being 16 now and the youngest is 5 days younger then Pan. 

soooooo relaxed.

loves fruit, and this is real fruit not the baby food jarred stuff. 

Oh my goodness I just want to squish his cuteness. I mean seriously!

He figured out that if he kicked the side of his crib then his friends would dance.

not sure how my phone did this but I think it's pretty cool.

He loved the swings at the park, I was kinda afraid to swing him to fast since Bug at this age hated them, actually I still think she isn't that fond of the swings. 

MLH and Pan having a screaming match I think Pan is winning 

Gramma Gramma came to visit and bring Bugs back to us which sounds funny when I type it but in reality it was a child and not actual bugs.  

Bugs Dressed him up and renamed "her" all the single ladies. so she could have a sister.

this was from this morning he was sitting up and then Bugs came to sit next to him so he decided to wiggle over to snuggle her. 


The Coopers said...

So I came on a mission to my blog this morning to link to yours and check if you possibly, maybe, perhaps hopefully made a tutorial for those amazing little leggings you made for your little man... but instead I found a fabulous fedora pattern! Thank you for your kind confidence! We shall see how the patience thing goes. I am a little (lot) scared! Your mom looks great! I miss that lovely lady and you too! Love ya!

Roxanne said...

Cute cute cute!