Thursday, December 12, 2013

been thinking.

I hate thinking it hurts my brain and I tend to over think things... a lot.
Then there is the lack of sleep that doesn't involve a tiny toddler or a night terrored 5 year old.  Things I have been thinking about:
- I miss blogging and taking photos of my children that aren't just from my phone.
- With Bugs being in Kindergarten I feel like we traded play time for strict school schedules and places we need to be at a specific time.
- In all the years that MLH and I have been together we haven't had to "dress-up" for a holiday party and this year his new job is hosting a "SEMI-formal" and my first thought are what the heck does that mean? (ok so I had to clean it up a bit but you get the gist)
-  HOW  DO YOU ACCESSORIZE A DRESS!? it may not be a big to deal to some but I am totally at a loss. I have called, asked and beat to death this with family and friends heck even total strangers I have asked while in the store and I still can't come to an answer. Prob not the best thing considering the party is tonight :/  I will most likely be posting photos from the event.

- back to the phone photo, this is one thing that I will be able to change. I will be dusting off my camera and even toy with the idea of updating my stock lens. Since I sold almost everything 3 years ago when I stopped photographing weddings and families. I was so burnt out from taking photos that I just stopped. (my poor kids) So yesterday I started small and took a few photos while Pan was in the tub. It made me happy and relax just a bit.

I think this will be a good thing. :)

that's it. I ran out of thoughts and now Bug is going to be late for the next scheduled thing/event/day activity. I don't even know what day it is.

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