Sunday, January 26, 2014

Pan is 1

So I tried to get a bunch of photos uploaded i few weeks ago and then they disappeared so I gave up.

attempt 2 warming Photo over load!

Milestones for Mister Pan,
he can say uhoh and dad really well. know show to say mom just doesn't. anytime he sees the cats or a photo of a cat he meows. Drinks out of a straw really well, Has two teeth on the bottom and painfully wokring on the two top teeth. I really wish they would quit torturing him and just come out already. Can climb stairs and is really good at it. almost has the climbing back down mastered but we block the stairs so he doesn't get much practice. makes the vroom sounds when he plays with cars.

ONE of my favorite things that he does is if he is laying down and you yell CLEAR! ( like they do in the hospital to shock a person back to life) he will hit his belly and make the "jolt" sound. He just started giving kisses that aren't the full open mouth kind which is nice and so much less slobbery. He would much rather Play in Bugs room then his own while we are upstairs. Hasn't shown much interest in walking although he has taken at most 5 steps at a time.

one of my favorite faces

He got Caught unrolling the toilet paper and then booked it.


NO we did not get a puppy this was a friends of ours newest member of the family and Pan Loved him.

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Roxanne said...

He's adorable...way to make cute kids!