Friday, April 1, 2016

First and maybe only blog of 2016

I find no enjoyment in blogging anymore. Not sure why the spark left, perhaps it started slowly dying after I almost died or maybe just maybe it had something to do with me actually hanging out with my kids. When Bugs what younger I would take actually photos of her with a real camera and now it seems like my whole life is on my phone camera. I mean seriously who fills up one drive in less then a year.... twice. Me that's who. I know what some of you are thinking, why now? Well ya see that photo. Yes it was taken with my phone and yes its a crappy photo but those kids in that photo are incredible. They are just shy of 5 yrs apart and love each other so much that Pan has a nightly melt down because he can't sleep in Bugs room. They get to on weekends, just wait until he finds out it's spring break and she doesn't have to go to school. 😂 perhaps I'll break that camera out and see where it takes me.

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