Friday, June 27, 2008

My Four

Four Jobs I've had:
-Photographer, Gopher, Assistant, Banquet Manager
Four Movies I've watched more than once:
-Ever After, Any Disney Movie, Harry Potters, 10th Kingdom
Four Places I Have Lived:
-Atascadero, Ca, Provo, Ut, Pleasant Grove, Ut, Saratoga Springs, Ut
Four TV Shows I watch:
-Futurama, Charmed, House, Bones
Four Places I've been:
-New York, Nashvile, Canada, Hawaii
Four People Who Email Me Regularly:
My Grandma, Old Navy, Baby ads, I don't consider Forwards email.
Four Places [regions ] I'd Like to Visit:
Ireland, Rhode Island, always California, any place away from here!
Four of My Favorite Foods:
Mexican, That's pretty much it
Four Things I am Looking Forward to This Year:
Going back to California for Jill's Wedding, Getting published in a Magazine for my Photography, Watching Avi grow up, Seeing my business take off! But thats just this month. =)
Also I"m not taging anyone =P


Lisa & Jeron said...

So you don't like tags, hu? I've got 2 sitting in my to-do file that I could tag you with. Muahahaha (evil laugh).

You're getting published in a mag?! That's awesome!! Is that already planned or is it more of a hopeful thing? Congrats.

Ben+Rileigh=Jocelyn said...

Thank you for watching Charmed. At this point I have seen all but a few of the episodes and am teased mercilessly by my husband for it. There are so many reasons we are friends.