Wednesday, September 24, 2008

6 Quirks

My wonderful Fishy friend tagged me. Normally I don't do these because I tend to think I don't have the time. But this one seemed like one i could do quickly because I have so many Quirks.

Here goes:

1. I HATE cotton.. it being pulled, biten, talked about. Those stupid little cotton balls in medicine bottles. just cotton balls in general. I'm having a hard time talking about it right now it gives me the willies

2. It doesn't matter where I am, whether I'm in a strangers house or not. But for some reason if there microwave has seconds left and there is nothing in the microwave cooking then I have to clear it.

3. I enjoy seperating candy into different colors before I eat it.

4. I can eat Peanut Butter Toast and Chocolate milk EVERYDAY

5. I love shoes and buying them, but I'm not a huge fan of wearing them.

6. I hold burgers upside down to eat them... it tastes better that way. =p

Now I'm actually going to tag people... Shayla, Keara, Alyssa, & Lisa. enjoy!!!


One Fish said...

What the crap is with the flash games bit? It's gotta go.

The Studes said...

fine jerk...
It's mini golf.. oh so fun!!

Katie V said...

Do you wear cotton? Is it just those cotton balls? You are a quirky bug. Yes you should have called us, but I totally understand. It is hectic when you come home from far away. And Utah is VERY far away... :)

Kariann said...

I totally have the same shoe addiction!! Love to buy them, hate to wear them! :)

wonder woman said...

Um, that's weird about the cotton thing. I want to send you a bag of cotton balls just to creep you out. What about the spiderwebs made of cotton? Or Mr. Cotton on pirates of the carribbean?

I am SO doing this tag!! And when the HECK are we going to get together? How does this week look for you? You can send me a text if that's easier.

p.s. LOVE Avi's pic of the week! so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!