Sunday, September 28, 2008

Stupid Shampoo

This just irks me. so I knew that I had just enough Shampoo left in Avi's bathroom to last at least a weeks worth of baths for Avi. Yeah not so much now... I walked in to the bathroom had gotten everything ready and then I notice this:
It's not to bad, just the rest of the bottle leaked into the tub... lol. I had forgotten to tighten the lid the last time she had a bath and now my favorite shampoo for her is all gone. =( As you can see it didn't faze her about bath time still continued and now I double check the bottle from now on. it's surprisingly hard to get a ton of shampoo cleaned off the bathtub.


Kariann said...

Good thing I have a bottle for you! :) I was going to bring it last night but I had to work later... :(

One Fish said...

This totally happened to us a couple weeks ago. It's such a pain to clean up.

wonder woman said...

Just have to say she is so cute! Definately has your eyes. WHEN ARE WE GETTING TOGETHER?