Monday, September 29, 2008

Lance's dads turns 50

On Saturday Cindy threw a surprise party for Lance's 50th birthday (not my lance... his dad) While The Guys were out Playing 18 holes of golf and Lance breaking one of his drivers.. yes it was impressive I know. The Girls where hard at work decorating the inside and outside of the house, lighting oil lamps, frosting a cake, and cutting fruit. you know party things. The birthday cake was this mountian that had a waterfall and a bunch of random things. Both Haylie and Jennifer baked all the cakes... and who knew coconut and mint would go so well together. Once they got to the house I was the lucky one to fros and decorate it. for this being my first cake EVER to decorate like this I thought it turned out pretty good.

The party was a success and everyone had fun visiting and eating. Plus the whole family was there so that was an added bonus.


Lance and Cindy

Me and Lance

Logan & Haylie (Lance's brother and Sister in Law)

Jen and Declan (Sister and Brother in Law)

Desirae and Tom (Sister and Brother in Law)

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wonder woman said...

That cake looks GREAT!! I am way impressed. And how awesome that you were all able to get together. I had forgotten Jen and Desirae both got married. Wow.