Thursday, October 30, 2008

Avi and the Pumpkin

The title pretty much says it all. I really wanted to get some cute photos of Avi with a gigantic pumpkin. I haven't really had much time during the day and then the sun goes down and I think to myself... tomorrow. So finally Last night right before it started getting to dark I took Avi and the pumpkin out on the porch. She loved that thing. Right when I sat her next to it she grabbed onto the stem and didn't want to let go. Even when We were done and I left the pumpkin outside she saw it through the window and kept staring. I was really hoping to post some photos of us carving pumpkins but it pretty much consisted of me still on the living room floor cutting into a pumpkin. Plus I don't think Avi would have been to happy to see me cut her beloved pumpkin.


wonder woman said...

That's a PERFECT pumpkin! And she's adorable!

Kariann said...

Way cute pictures!! She is so funny! She is too dang cute!

Kariann said...

Hair what hair?? lol She seriously really didn't have much hair to start and yes she is rubbing it all off!! I think she'll be a big bald headed baby forever! :) I know...I feel the SAME way! Life is WAY too crazy!!