Friday, October 31, 2008

The Fearless AVI Dragon

I love Halloween, it's actually my favorite holiday. However when it came to this year I was really depressed. I wanted everything to be perfect for Avi's first Halloween... yeah not so much. (like it mattered) The only photo I got of her was with my cell phone. She hated being in her costume. I had to work 2 jobs and barely was able to see take her over to Jen's work to trick or treat. Then between handing out candy running around the house we finally made it to lance's parents house to eat homemade chili... yum. Although it wasn't perfect it was nice to have one holiday out of the way =) I"m sure Avi enjoyed it.

Cell phone shot. Couldn't turn it... sorry
Another Cell phone shot... oh yeah she has a cherry coke in her hands.
Sadly this is the only photo I got... and I took it after Halloween. I will try again.

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