Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The IHOP Experience

Last Night I hadd a photo shoot in which Lance and I went and we also were able to bring Avi. It was taking pictures of a co-workers Dog, this was a co-worker of Lance. Anyway After the Shoot we decided to go to IHOP because it was close to home and we hadn't eaten there is over a year. Dunno why just don't think about it I guess.
Well, to our delight we didn't realize that tuesdays were kids eat free *with purchase of kids beverage. um .99 cents I think we can manage that. Avi doesn't really eat much but we ordered her pancakes, eggs and bacon. (I ended up eating most of it) plus my burger. The pancakes tasted sooo much better though. and She LOVED them, I was wondering what they put in them becasue they were extremly tasty. I swear she ate 2 pancakes and then some of the eggs. Which I think it's freaking awesome considering she downed a thing of carrots right before she got the meal.
Notice there isn't a piece of bacon shown. I ate it before she saw it

she really was happy, but not about taking the picture.

And to end the evening, After dinner whilewe were paying, Lance thought it would be nice to get Avi one of those TY beanie plush animals. I suggested a cow becuase I LOVE them and he said no lets find somethings that she likes. so he pulls out tigers, bears, penguins, etc.. nothing. she reaches out her little hands pulls the ear of one certain little pink animal. Lance holds close to her face and she kises it.... =) oh yeah it was a pink COW. so now she has a friend and we call it Moo Cow. Life is just funny sometimes.


milpod said...

I haven't been to IHOP really sounds good. I don't think Jimmy's ever really tried's never stood a chance around me...mmmmmm!

Kariann said...

Mmmmm IHOP is good!! :) I can't believe how big Avi is getting!! I'm glad the cow is PINK that makes me happy!! haha

Christina said...

I love the first picture. So much attitude! (;

And, btw, I think the pancakes have crack in them. That or MSG. (;