Saturday, November 15, 2008

Hogle Zoo

The Hogle Zoo
My parents came into town this weekend and stayed for a few days. It was nice to have them come visit so they can see Avi. =)
While they were here they treated us to a Saturday at the Hogle Zoo. At first I don't think Avi understood. She was just looking around like "what? what are you guys pointing at."
Once she started noticing there were animals all over the place she was excited to see them all. We saw all of them except for the snakes... *shivers* no thank you.This was the only picture from the ENTIRE trip we got of my parents. Thank You Lance!
Look at those Lynx just ignoring her. If they would have just turned around they would have seen a tasty snack!this was funny, I will need to post the video of it later. If you tapped on the metal the meerkats.. thought it was something to eat or whatever and they would start pacing and digging. Avi really liked them.

Well that about does it for the Zoo. It's fun and exciting to do new things, even though they aren't always new to us they are most defiantly new to Avi and seeing her face and smiles are worth it


Teril said...

That's a cool window into the Lynxes, I didn't know they were so big! We took our baby to the Santa Barbara zoo last week and she freaked out over the elephants by growling and blowing at them.

Farley said...

You hair looks really cute in these pictures.