Monday, November 10, 2008

It's Late, but atleast I'm loved

So it's late but I really wanted to blog, It's a break from my usual photo editing this time of night. So far I have edited 1 wedding, 1 engagement, 1 bridal and a family tonight... phew talk about eye strain. Personally i would like to call it a night and just go to bed. Unfortunately I am unable to do that right now. hopefully soon.. maybe even before 1 am! oh that would be exciting.

today was just one of those days. it's seemed as if nothing was going right.
However, to make it better I will list 10 things I love about AviJae just to end on a high note.
1. When I go into her room to get her she always has a smile on her face and is kicking her legs in excitment.
2. When she tries new foods she always has the same weird face
3. bath time... she loves it and I get soaked no matter what.
4. giggles, she doesn'tdo it often so when she does it makes it that much more special.
5. headbutts and kisses.
6. how she can fall asleep holding her feet... seriously who does that =)
7. when she roars at you.
8. how she always seems to find that random hidden cord and manages to get it in her mouth befor eyou grap it away. (tonight was the printer cord, she pulled it our of the computer tower. I was quicker =) )
9. Crawling
10. snuggling her when she wants to be snuggled, comforting her when she is upset, just being there when she needs me is all I need to make me happy.


Kariann said...

That's such a sweet post!!I love Avi, she is growing up so fast!! I loved your list!! She is crawling now?? Oh my gosh!!

One Fish said...

Aw don't you love lil babies?

wonder woman said...

It's funny how kids can drive us bonkers but still be the best part of our day.

Kyle & Brit said...

Sounds like you guys are awesome parents! We are going to be in Utah between Christmas and New Years!!!! We went to utah a few weeks ago for a funeral so there wasn't much social time but family. Let's find some time after Christmas!!!

Brittany Cooper said...

Yea those are my girls. I think they are the cutest!