Thursday, November 13, 2008

$20 Trip to the Market

The other day I was heading to Walmart and when I got into the parking lot I had realized that I had left my wallet at work... No drivers license, no CC, no check book... nothing.

AH HA! I remembered that I had a twenty dollar bill in my pocket, WOOHOO there was also 1 dollar and some change in the ash tray of my car =) So now I had to go in to the store any only buy what I needed which shouldn't have cost more them 6 bucks. However while I was shopping, Lance kept calling or sending me messages of what to add to the list. NOT wanting to tell him that I forgot my wallet, I just kept saying. "OK honey that's fine."

~Gourmet Salads where on the menu, All I needed was Lettuce, Black Beans and Olives. Plus Baby Food.

~Lance added the rest.

Here is what I ended up with, I was so impressed with myself I took a picture...

$21.27.. I had $.08 cents to spare.!!


Teril said...

nice job! What's Avi's favorite baby food flavor?

Lisa Marie said...

Impressive! I would immediately have turned around and gotten the wallet. (Of course our WalMart is only a mile away.)

Steph said...

it up before you got to the register, or were you just hoping?