Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas Dinner in Lance's Lap

Last night Lance, Avi and I attended his work Christmas party hosted by his boss. It's fun to go and socialize with these people even though Lance sees them almost every day of his life. =)
Showing off her bling
Little Christmas dress courtesy of my sisters hand me downs!

I really will tell more about how Lance dropped not ONE but TWO plates of food on himself. I felt really bad so while he was mopping himself up I was cleaning up the floor. His boss had just gotten new carpet.... YiKeS! As we watched everyone open there white Elephant gifts we were laughing at the person who got Lances. It was a bag of balloons and a BOX of AIR. I must say Lance is pretty clever.


wonder woman said...

Is that a dew rag with golden curls attatched? Freakin' adorable!

Farley said...

That is really cute in that dress. I remember naomi wearing it about 4 years ago if i'm not mistaken:)

Johnsons Away said...

Avi is sooo cute!!

We are in Bakersfield California, Aaron has a job as a flight instructor here. Finally making money again :)

Ryan and Tayten said...

i cant believe how big she has gotten!! she is adorable! hope all is well