Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Life's Simple Joys

I was putting Avi down for a Nap but instead she just wanted to sit in her crib. While Avi was sitting in her crib, she was so tired but wouldn't give in, instead she decided to tell herself a story so she was sitting up talking. I left the room and the next thing I hear is snoring (she has been doing that alot lately, she is just getting over a really bad cold.)

I thought I would check on her and this is what I find.

Poor little girl, Must have told herself a REALLY Boring story


Kariann said...

I love that picture it's hilarious!!

KAP said...

You crack me up Nemiha! Last night after RJ went to sleep (which took forever) we went in to see her on her pillow. So here is this big crib and she is on 1/3 of it on the pillow. She also has taken to talking to herself before going down and all the sudden will hear "yay" and clapping. I get such a kick out of it.