Sunday, December 7, 2008

I've been tagged...8's

8 shows I like..
2 Heroes
3 Anything Disney Channel Related
4 What Not To Wear
5 Charmed

8 things that happened today. (I seriously did nothing today so I'll do yesterday)
1. Took care of sick baby
2. Cleaned the Kitchen
3 Took family of 12s photos, Sooo cute
4 Did Laundry
5 Cooked Dinner
6 I'm sure I showered somewhere in there too
7 Edited Photos
8 More Editing

8 Places I like to Eat
1 Quiznos
2 Cafe Rio
3 Costco.. I'm not joking.
4 Taco Bell
5 My House...

6 Any GOOD sandwich shop. They don't have many here
7 Barbacoa
8 WingShak

8 Things I am looking forward to
1 Having More Kids
2 My Photography Business growing next year.
3 Avi's First Birthday

4 The 6th Harry Potter Movie
5 Showering
6 Being Completely out of Debt
7 Vacations with Lance and Avi
8 Building, Growing and Learn anything and everything

8 things on my wish list
1 A Continuously Clean House
2 Spend a Summer in Paris and London Shopping.
3 Move out of the State of Utah
4 Have More Children
5 Build my photography business up so much that Lance can quit his job and go back to school
6 Audition for a local play and get the role.
7 Sew more clothes for Avi
8 Eternal Happiness

8 People I tag...
Anyone who has time on there hands

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