Saturday, January 3, 2009

Not in the blogging mood.

Avi has been teething the last couples of days which actually feels like an eternity. She has been rubbing her ears which I know is a part of teething but not wanting to be in my friend Kariann position I took her to the doctor. But before I could take her in I had to find a new one because Lance's insurance is stupid... argh i hate them =( Luckily everything checked out just fine and she is a healthy 19.3 lbs. Got love them chunky legs.

New Years Eve, We went over to our neighbors house they were hosting a ROCKIN 80's Party to bring in the new year. So Lance and I decked out in sweet clothes and enjoyed laughing, playing games, and dancing in the New Year. (I will post pictures once I Get them from her)
I was thinking that this year was going to be GREAT, Avi's Sleep Schedule is a bit off and she took a nap around 7pm.. so she was wide awake at 10 when we headed over to the party. (I even dressed her up but I didn't get a picture.) Then about 30 mins to midnight. I took her home put her to bed. Then I headed back to the party where everyone was dancing and laughing it was fun.
The nice thing about Avi going to bed so late was that she Slept until 11 the following day and then took a nap around 3. I was so excited. Jan 1st was a great day... Jan 2nd on the other hand.. Awful I got 3 hrs of sleep because Avi kept waking up, and then around 6:30 out of no where... BANG the flu... Seriously it was that fast. Lance had to go back to work from his week long Vacation so all i did yesterday was barricade Avi in the living room and lay on the couch while she ran around eating cheerios off the carpet and watching a ton of TV.

I know that the rest of he year will be GREAT and I can't wait to start on projects that i have planned.


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Kariann said...

Oh friend I'm sorry Avi's been teething!! :( and I'm sorry you had the flu! That really sucks!! Glad you had a good new years though!! :)