Sunday, January 4, 2009

Year in Review 2008

Looking back it didn't really seem like very much happen this last year. I mean we had a baby celebrated being in our house a year... blah blah blah. But when I actually sat down and thought about ti we did accomplish quite a bit. So here is the Studebaker's "readers digest" version of how our year went.
~My Photography Business Celebrated it's 3rd year!
~Lance turned 28 on the 16th
~He also single handed killed my Mazda by putting something in the brake lines. ( I think it was a blessing because that car was going to die anyway)
~Nemiha got a new car
~still doing the baby count down
~We celebrated out 1 year mark for being in our home on the 1st
~My 1 year mark for my hip replacement was on the 3rd.. and its still FANTASTIC
~Our beautiful baby girl was born 03/05/08 at 12:52pm

~officially quit my job to be a full time mom!!!

~Lance and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary on the 24th.
~Lance d I took Avi on her first flight to get blessed in California.

June and July
~Summer days, Lakes, Family, Drive in movies, Fireworks.. etc
~ My photog business got featured in a photography magazine.
~Lance Celebrated YEAR 4 at his job.

~ I turned 25 on the 2nd... weird

~Avi had her second flight to California to play with cousins and grandparents for a couple weeks.
~my first time EVER being a bridesmaid for one of my most favorite people JILL. and I got to wear purple which in my favorite color. she is the best

~my busiest month EVER for photography. With more then 20 shoots that month.
~Avi's first Halloween, She was a dragon.
~Avi's first Thanksgiving, we have been doing the tradition of having our own thanksgiving at home. it was fun that Avi was able to eat some traditional food and not just baby food.
~Avi's First Christmas. Delightful.

As the year came to an end I realized it was abusy one... with Baby, Business and Family visits

I can go into this year thinking that it can only go up from here. I wish that friendships that are new will grow strong and ones that have begun to mend will be fixed in time. Worries of economy and struggles will only be brief. and finally MY last wish is that I complete at least 2 of my resolutions this year.

Thank you to all that made 2008 great, friends that I haven't seen in awhile.. *cough* WonderWoman I am working into getting down to you ASAP =) and all others I will make time to catch up. because believe me when I say I need some girl time.!


Kariann said...

What a cute post!! I loved it!! We should definitely get together and "hang" out sometime other than a holiday of some sort! :) You guys had an awesome year!! I can't believe Avi is almost a year old!!! Crazy!!

Brittany Cooper said...

THANKS!!! for the fyi- it is fixed now, kyle didn't like "briti" we had a great christmas vaca! i hope you are feeling better! isn't chad the best! hey, What website do you go through for your website, i can't find one that i love...?

Johnsons Away said...

That is a crazy year. I hope you get your wishes, I share them whole heartedly.