Friday, February 20, 2009

Quite the Day

The last couple of days we have been trying to keep Avi busy so she would be so worn out from the days events that there would be no reason for her to wake up screaming at us. I have been going to bed way to late and I'm not functioning well off of 5 hrs like I used to.

In Between all these activities Lance and I have both been trying to find jobs, We put our house up for sale and I am praying that something goo happens because I really don' know how we are going to live off of cream of chicken.. lol I'm only joking it isn't that bad.
So here is what we do to make Avi happy. I let her beat the heck out of some plastic Rubbermaid while I was cooking dinner. It's always entertaining when you have a toddler laughing for no reason. At Least she thinks she is funny, that's all that counts. Then after dinner while I was cleaning up and then making Banana bread I thought I would see how well she would do with a box of crayons.
I did the little green swirl but she did everything else.. well except the writing, obviously. She had to show her daddy her beautiful artwork. if you can see that he has his eyes closed. She kept swinging the paper at him and hitting him in the face.Now off to Cabela's to see the fish. I don't know if many people know that I HATE FISH, they scare the crap out of me. These ones weren't helping. I lasted about 5 mins and then I got really anxious and started pacing. .. gross

All tuckered out, If you notice in the last photos she has a death grip on this wand. I coudn't even get it out of her hand so she went to bed with it.

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The Johnson Family said...

Oh, she is absolutely adorable! I love how you blog almost every day. I wish I could do that. Good luck on the job hunting, I know you both will find something great. By the way, I HATE fish too. YUCK!!!