Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I while back I was looking trough a friends blog posts and I came across a blog that she had written last year sometime. It was actually a blog about me, and before you think I'm conceded hear me out.

Greta was my best friend in Second grade we did everything together I was over at her house constantly and I have memories of her older sister swooning over New Kids on the Block (I know awesome right) that year was also the year that her family picked up and moved to Washington. I remember having a hard time with this and apparently she did to because she made this for me but it never got sent out.

What's nice is I found Greta via the Internet about 5 years ago and we still keep in touch. Although I never received any letters =)

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Rachel said...

I remember Greta!! I was friends with her too and then became friends with her sister Emily later, after high school! That is so funny!