Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Simply Nemiha

I don't normally talk about myself in the way of publishing it on the web for people to read but today I figured why not? I don't know how people perceive me (nor do I care) so the point of this blog is for me to write down who I am according to me.

*I have anxiety, You wouldn't think that I do because I can go up to pretty much anyone and talk there ear off but when it comes to large groups or crowds of people, even public speaking I get extremely anxious.

*I don't organize even though I have tried countless times to have a system, my system is simply a pile of junk that gets higher and higher until I can't stand it then I clean or I've lost something so I clean until I find that specific item (or Lance finds it which is usually the case.)

*I call either my older sister or my mom everyday and only when I'm driving because it keeps me entertained and also because they are fun to talk to. Every member of my family knows that when I'm calling them I am almost always in the car.

*My favorite thing about people is that they have favorites. I have also been known to get excited about driving a car because if you think about it the automobile sure has come along way and I am happy that I am able to operate one.

*I can bake Pies, Tarts, Cakes and anything else you ask me to from scratch but when it comes to chocolate chip cookies I couldn't make those to save my life.

*My favorite color is Purple with Red coming in a close second. While growing up My mom let me paint my room purple with a green ceiling, it was my favorite thing because it focused alot around a few Monet paintings (which are my favorites).

I am starting to feel like this post has turned into one large list of things about me. That's a little lame. I could start rambling off things like... well I can't think of any now other then I have a fear of Fish, I collect Harry Potter wands (I don't use them, no laughing) and Tend to buy things I don't need just because they are on sale and a good price. I am an avid collector of movies and could watch some movies over and over again. I tend to share my opinion at the wrong time and it ends up getting twisted and thrown back at me. I really do Care about people and how they are doing, but end up not following through because I don't want to be in the way. I know I'm weird.

I do have more to write about but Avi woke up and I want to hang out with her. so this is all you are going to get from me.

*POST UPDATE* For the sake of proper grammar I went back through and edited my words. I know Shayla you will be so proud (I don't normally do this.)


One Fish said...

It cracks me up that you clarified that you don't use the wands.

The Studes said...

I did that for you. =)

wonder woman said...

I totally dreamt about you and Lance last night. I of course don't remember the details now, but it was a crazy dream!

We organize the same way.

And I love your profile description and the wide look now.

Alona said...

I love this post! I love how honest you are and how the post is just so you!! Your picture is gorgeous too! Love it!

The Johnson Family said...

Oh my goodness! I think we were separated at birth. I feel like you just wrote an entire list about me. Except for the fact that my favorite color is red! I just bought a car and the color of it is Salsa Red!!! I hate fish! I will never snorkel! I am overly opinionated and suffer from horrible anxiety! You are my sister from another mister!!! There were a lot more similarities, but I couldn't list them all! All my love!!!

Johnsons Away said...

Ok we were all seperated at birth! I loved ready more about you and getting to knwo you better and that we are SO much a like. :)