Monday, March 29, 2010

Rendezvous with a Stapler

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I know weird title but I couldn't think of anything unique or exciting.. I mean for crying out loud I am writing about a stapler. There are certain office supplies that I don't have an opinion about, for one the calculator, possibly the hole puncher, I guess it would all depend on how much I use them. The stapler how ever I use a TON. Staplers that get on my nerves for poor design are...

-Ones that only hold 5 staples at a time ... REALLY 5 STAPLES, could you not see where this might be a design flaw. 
-The ever sticking stapler that needs to be hit on the desk to get broken free.
-My all time favorite is the one where you have to look at the instruction manual to figure out how to load the dang thing. =)

So when I first was introduced to this little beauty of a stapler i was awestruck, Literally. I was so excited that this stapler was a good one. doesn't stick, I don't need to read the manual to figure it out and it holds way more than 5 staples and on top of it all I wont get arthritis from stapling more then 5 pages at a time. This sucker will stapler through about 30 at ONCE.

I know Breathe... Breathe

I feel like Milton from  the movie Office Space.

Oh how I love the simple things like staplers they make MY world a happy place..

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Logan, Haylie, and Larkyn said...

Ok this is absolutely hilarious! I couldn't agree more!! I need to buy a stapler for our casa... seriously dont ask me how we have made it this far without one cuz I honestly have NO idea! I love your random posts lady!