Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Through the window..

As I am gazing through the window in my office I see such tempting sights. beckoning blues skies a slight breeze saying "hey you in that dark office why don't you come out and play?"

Should I?

Nah, I should really get some work done

Maybe just for a minute...

^%$HOLY CRAP!*(&^ looks can be deceiving, it was way colder outside then it looked through my window. I think I will stay inside.

For now at least. I can't stay locked up to much longer. The darkness might get to me. =)


Farley said...

Come to AZ!!!! Blue skys, and its warm outside! have had the window and doors open all day.

The Studes said...

Arixona won't pay the bills.. and besides I aint gunna move there!!! =P

The Studes said...

Obviously I can't even spell the states name correctly... lol

Farley said...