Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Snap, Crackle POP!

That would be the sound of my foot as I tumbled to the pavement.

It was my first "free" Saturday one that I wasn't in bed most of the day to due working the graveyard shift. I no longer had to work graveyards and that Saturday was going to be my day of celebration. Spending the day with my cute little Bug, walking around stores and taking pictures. 

Carrying Bug along with my huge and obscenely over weight bag I headed out of the parking garage and down to my first store. (I wish I had a picture of the crosswalk) In SLO a lot of there cross walks are tiled.. I know right. So with these lovely tiled cross walks there are gaps that were made from nature, water.. the list goes on but they are there. My heel got stuck and to avoid dropping my child I landed on my left knee hard and heard a crack coming from my right foot.

I stand up pick up my whining child, take my shoes of and head to the nearest bench.

Of course I'm talking to myself

Me: "Well, that can't be good" as I stare at a bump forming on my foot.
Avi: "mommy ok, Huggy. ok mommy"
Me: Thank you baby, mommy hurt her foot.

Lucky for me I brought an extra pair of shoes knowing that my feet would get tired from wearing heels all day. Not so lucky is the fact that my cell phone was completely dead and I was on a mission to find a car charger. So I had to walk extremely slow to the nearest restaurant, which why were so awesome, letting me use there phone, giving my a bag of ice, bring Bug something to color with..

Calling for help:
1st call: ring.. ring... ring... ring...
2nd call: ring... ring... ring... ring.. ring
3rd call: ring... ring... ring... ring...
4th call ring... ring... ring..  Hello?
It's Nemiha, I think I broke my foot and non of my siblings are answering there phones, I don't have a cell phones and(breathe) this really sucks.

etc etc etc...

I' m bored with typing this already so the shorter version is I was going to walk back to my car, and drive myself to the ER but My Older Sister convinced me that I needed to stay and wait for her to pick me up.

I did off to medstop they gave me a crappy shoe thinking that I might have torn something. Waited until Monday got and x-ray

It's Broken

Now I have a sweet Walking Cast, Am on crutches for who knows how long and I have to wait until I get a seconds Xray before I can head home.. Lame.

this was taken about 2 hours after I fell.  

You can't really tell from this picture, that I have a freakishly large bruise on my foot.

Sweet new shoe.
 (and yes my legs really are that white, it's not an illusion.)

That's pretty much it. I am on crutches for a few weeks, I am grateful that I didn't have to get surgery on it and also that it didn't have to be cast in plaster. (do they use that still?)

Now the next time I do something stupid I will have insurance. But no promises because I did break my foot just by walking.


Erin and Paul Anderson said...

Bummer! That looks painful.

Jodie said...

Yikes! What a killer....I hope all goes well in the healing process.

Anonymous said...

Wow what nice looking wood floor in the background :) and I can definately say her legs are that white.:) Love you sister, it was fun hangin with you and Avi on Saturday, but gosh if you wanted my attention all to yourself you could of just said so, you didn't have to break your foot. :)

One Fish said...

I've decided that your new cover story should be that you jumped out of a perfectly good airplane.

Lisa Marie said...

That sucks. Another reason I don't wear heals unless it's Sunday. Hope you heal quickly!! What a sweetheart of Avi to give hugs to make it all better. Sounds like something Kaden would do. :)