Monday, May 24, 2010

7 years of Marriage

I love the random photos I just pulled off of my husbands computer. I didn't even look,  just clicked away. I am thinking this was pretty successful.   Their are a few things about Husband that I feel are appropriate for an anniversary. I won't bore you with the schmoopie portion.

Dear Husband:
7 things for 7 years,, and away we go:

1. Letting my try out anything and everything I thought I could accomplish, even when it turned out to be a failure, at least I did it, and you smiled the whole time
2. I try and get you to be the spider killer and you just can't.. it's cute and also makes me feel important
3. being a neat freak, I don't think I couldn't handle us both being messy. Oh and also that you randomly organize when you can't sleep. I can't count how many times you rearranged my kitchen while I was in bed for me to find it the next morning and having to look for everything. 
4. Knowing so well that you tell me I need to get the extra warranty on my glasses because you knew I would break/lose/or scratch them. (I did.. all of the above and also super glued as well)
5. Not making me drive when we go into town. but then again it's funny to listen to you get annoyed with the drivers on the road.
6. Loving me even though you know that I am an overly logical, situation controlling, forgetful, klutzy kind of person. but it makes you smile... I know I have seen it. 
7. Finally.. I love you  

I'm sure I should write something about blah blah blah love of my life blah blah beautiful daughter blah blah you are blah blah.. I"m just not that kind of person. or I am and I choose not to write it for the world to see =) I guess you will never know.

Oh and one more thing... I really do want this swimsuit (see below)

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