Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Soda kind of day...

Ever have one of those days that you knew everything would get better as long as you got your hands on a soda? not just any soda but A Dr Pepper from a fast food restaurant.. Ah yes, I went through 3 of them today it didn't help me. although it did make one little girl that got a hepatitis shot today very happy. (I didn't let her drink that entire soda)

that was my random thought for the day now I am off to finish Laundry, pretend to cook dinner and then sit at my computer and edit photos until 2 am . sounds like a good night.


Grampaw and Grammaw said...

and she's looking at the camera again! However are you managing to get her to do that?
And your weather is "fickle"!!!!

The Studes said...

I wasn't taking pictures of her and she was offended so she kept following me saying cheese until I took her picture.

I didn't realize that reverse psychology was the answer

Annemarie said...

Hi! I'm Anamaria from Romania. I found your blog and I loved it, so I am now "following" you. I hope that's ok. :)

Your little girl is absolutely adorable, I could hardly refrain from saying this.

Wonder Woman said...

It was a soda kind of day for me, too. Sadly, it didn't come with crushed ice, but I did drink quite a bit of DDP as a seriously cleaned yesterday.

Love the new look around here!