Sunday, July 25, 2010

For Kase

Because I'm sure she is still whining about not getting the photos from grandmas birthday... yea you heard me!!! =)

the deliciousness of La Mexicana.. oh how we love our Mexican food.

I am pretty sure the food was laced with something because we got to "THE GREAT AMERICAN MELODRAMA" and were wired. we couldn't stop laughing and someone couldn't keep there hands of my butt!..

showing some love GmaR and Shorty (it's what I call my mom)

Squeeze in there!

I love my mom she is the BEST!!!

Me and Kase, yes I realize that the photo is upside-down,  no I am not going to bother flipping it right side up. I took it this way because I realized hitting the button with my thumb was sooo much easier. 

My moms handy work... in more ways then one. =)

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Keara said...

Geeze it's about time.....that was way back in January. It's almost time for another birthday for grandma. :)