Sunday, August 1, 2010

Lighting Storms

Here in Utah we get a few good storms in the month of July. Granted they aren't as good as Tornado weather but they are fun to watch. The other night Husband Bug and I had our back windows open watching lighting. I had my camera downstairs at thought I would take a few photos.. in the dark with a portrait lens. ummm... yea I don't do middle of the night lighting photos well so these turned out blurry but in my defense I wasn't using a tripod, was trying to balance on the back of a couch and had a 5 sec shutter. I'm lucky they came out at all.. ;)

Bug was intrigued with the lighting and wanted more and more of it. 
Every time I clicked my camera when there was a lighting strike Husband and I would laugh and then I would realize I couldn't laugh because I was trying so hard to keep the camera from shaking. We did however get a few bolts

after the lighting moved from our neighborhood I tested out different shutter speeds on a nearby light post. the weird thing was that I was trying so hard to time is just right to draw a heart and they all ended up being upside down. Silly me didn't realize it was my fault.


Erin and Paul Anderson said...

These are way cool. I always wished that I could capture lightening, but I'm pretty sure you need fancy equipment like what you have to do it.

Teril said...

awesome! I am always trying to get a shot of lightning, but they have never some out as neat as yours.