Thursday, September 30, 2010

Battle of the Bars

Candy bars that is.

Husband and I went to the Market on a hot and spicy date. 
ok maybe more of an artichoke and potatoe date.  
After playing tag and wandering aimlessly through the aisles we ended up at the check out counter.  We noticed both whatchamacallits and also thingamajigs. This is where the taste test begun.

In Corner number one we have an old favorite: whatchamacallit containing in all it's yumminess peanut butter crisps topped with caramel and then smothered in a milk chocolate coating.

Corner two newbie thingamajig bringing to the plate.. (no pun intended) it's own version of Chocolate crisps topped with peanut butter and them smothered in that same delicious milk chocolate coating.

After only one round we have a clear winner and so far and undefeated champion


 *claps*cheers from the crowd* and I also think I saw a tear. Although that tear was from me because I was the one who got stuck eating the rest of the thingamajig.  

acknowledgments: thanks for letting me "borrow" two of your photos for this entry.

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Christina said...

Whatchamacallit might be my all time favorite candy bar. Yum. Except, when you find them, they're often old. Do candy bars go bad?