Monday, October 4, 2010

Avoiding housework

All I have to say is, she is lucky she is so cute and I can't stay mad at her. This morning we had quite the adventure. I watch my cute little niece every morning and Bug just loves it. She walks down stairs around 9 and immediatly asks were Lil L is. Normally our mornings are pretty uneventful we eat, play games run around. However this morning I decided that I would do a load of laundry while they were eating there morning snack. They were gated into the living room what could possibly go wrong. Approx 15 mins later I come down from switching loads and what not and I notice that there are wads of wet toliet paper plastered on the side of the wall.

Fantastic I think as I take my final step off the stairs. *splash* YOU HAVE GO TO BE KIDDING ME!. There is water and waded toliet paper EVERYWHERE. I quickly Strip the girls down set them both on the couch, run and grab as many beach towels as I can find. (Lucky for me I had just washed all of these) It was also Lucky that there was only water in the toilet or I would have freaked out just a tad more. No harm done. I wiped everything down Unclogged the toilet dried the carpet and it wasn't even 10:30am yet.

After it was all said and done I sat down on the couch and thought.. "is it friday yet"



One Fish said...

Beautiful baby.

Lisa Marie said...

Gosh I love those Mondays!