Thursday, October 14, 2010

Can You Guess..

What Bug is going to be for Halloween?

 She doesn't look at the camera, it was a struggle to get the thing off her to take a photo of it.

That dang blasted glue gun was giving me problems. So it's not the straightest thing I've ever made but for a first try I think I did pretty good. I can see MANY a princess crowns in the near future and this was a really fast and easy way to do them.. not to mention CHEAP I think this entire thing cost me approx .75 Cents

I'm thinking Buttons and Sparkly things for the next one and it just might be pink too.

1 comment:

Teril said...

oh my gosh those are lovely ! I love the shot where her hair is fluffed out behind her! Awesome. When are u in cali for?