Sunday, October 24, 2010

Here I am...

I have been in California since the 16th I haven't been blogging much However:

I will be back in blogging mode on Wednesday. I have so many cute little things to share! I will have done 11 photo sessions and 4 mini ones, been to a class reunion in TAFT (I know right, but it was really fun) and also made a Halloween Costume for a certain cute 2 year old.

I was gunna leave a picture but I realized that my parents  computer doesn't have a RAW REader so that was a total waste of time. =)

see you all soon!!!

 it took 15 mins of downloading but I actually got a photo up on the blog from my moms computer. 


Farley said...

what is "cownloading"? its sounds exciting!

Jodie said...

What??? I didn't know you were here! When do you go back to Utah?