Thursday, October 28, 2010

Target Deal

Have a look at this picture.. under normal target trips I would always walk pass the "cute plastic dishes" always wanting to purchase some just to have as spares or even for random additions to party favors or gifts (it's amazing what you can think to put in a cup to give away)

I made the pictures all vintagey just so i could see how it would look.. i think they turned out "dramatic" which I was happy about. Granted I didn't get one complete set of one color... Target pretty much only have the purple and pink plates left and a tons of the other things. so I mixed a matched, shoot Bug won't mind and that yellow bowl looking thing is going to be integrated into my place setting once I start and also finish redoing the kitchen and dining areas.

 Ok so anyone want to take a crack at how much all of this stuff ended up costing me?.... Drum-roll please...

$8 whole dollars and of course tax.

after taking pictures of the dishes i went upstairs and found this.. shopping must have been hard =)

look how graceful her hands are even when she is sleeping... this one is gonna be a dancer.

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One Fish said...

I so want to go to Target now.