Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Missing Wuzzle

I haven't gone bonkers and decided to make up my own words. A Wuzzle was a TV so show back in the Late 80's.. ugh I say "back in the day" and i feel both lame for thinking that was a long time ago and old.

I have been introducing Bug to some of my favorite things when I was younger. From a somewhat long mental list I thought of Wuzzles and also Popples.  Luckily I had the looming bag of stuff animals from my childhood and EUREKA I found the Popple... but no sign of the Wuzzle, specifically Eleroo. So now I am on a hunt for the Eleroo hopefully i dont have to look to hard I'm sure its around.

I took these photos from someones elses webpage,  I forget who or i would have written it down. On the left is Eleroo and on the Right is a Popple. Although this popple looks way better then the one I gave Bug.

Well I'm done being odd so um.. yea 



Teril said...

whoa popples, I think i have one of those in a box at my grandmas, no Wuzzles though.
Don't forget the old Rainbow Bright and Uni the unicorn. I showed the kids the Last Unicorn, and they told me, "whoa that was weird" and I said I could never watch the end because those evil bulls would scare me and make me sad since they shoved away all the unicorns into the sea ;(
Remember that one?

Laurie said...

I so want to go get my bag of stuffed animals from my mom's attic because I am pretty sure I have my popple in there too! And I saw the last unicorn! Loved that movie, watched it so many times!

Debbie said...

I use to have a Wuzzles game and I loved my popples!