Monday, November 22, 2010

Dear Life,

I'm not asking for much however i was wondering if you could slow down a bit? I can't remember when i got to bed before midnight, I think a tornado came through my house when i went to the store because i don't remember it looking like this, this morning, I have 4 stacks of bills to file, a sink of full of dishes and a 2 year old who thinks she is in charge. Although she shouts at me "YEEEESS your majesty" ( you know from Alice in Wonderland) I'm not sure whether to take that as a compliment or her thinking i'm the queen of hearts ... hmmm.

What I would really like if for one day everything was done and I could spent the entire day entertaining Bug. 

so what do you think could you slow life down a bit so i have more time?



Jamie Pearson said...

Ahh i so know what you mean. thanks for the comment on my blog.

Cory&SadieK said...

It's true isn't it? I think I spent four hours in the kitchen yesterday! Today I refused to enter the blasted thing and even made dinner in the crockpot! Cleaning house drools!