Friday, November 5, 2010

a Pumpkins dreams Squashed

 For many months this little pumpkin though nothing more then to be made into a jack o' lantern one day and set out on the porch greeting children on Halloween. If he were lucky then he would actually make it through the entire weekend with out being smashed, run over and in the case of last years pumpkin shot at by the neighbor.

It was a cold night the first week of October.... well actually I really don't think it was that cold considering we have had a lot of strange weather.. I spotted the perfect pumpkin and made husband pull into a near by spot. although it had a bit of a flat spot I knew this pumpkin was the best one to carve this year. we brought it home talked about what we were going to carve and when we could do it as a family.

Poor little pumpkin he sat for weeks on the ever towering cluttered table hoping that today would be the day... sigh nope maybe tomorrow. Finally the week of Halloween was here! Halloween came and went and the poor little pumpkin still sat on the now somewhat clean 'because last took everything up to my office' table.

It's a good thing Thanksgiving is coming up because the next best thing to being a jack o lantern is being a PIE!!! 

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Lisa Marie said...

Wow, what a lucky pumpkin! Not like a turkey at all. Turkeys hate Thanksgiving. But pumpkins like it. :) Especially if they live to see it!