Friday, November 5, 2010

party like you are 3!

Bug was invited to go to a birthday party today and last night around 10 or so I realized I didn't have a complete present and I wasn't going to rush myself in the morning. Luckily I have a drawer FULL of random fabrics so this is what I ended up doing:

Shoulder bag/Purse with velcro closer.

 I also made a headband for her. with the same fabric I used to make the flower on the bag with.

I also filled the bag/purse with little goodies such as a water bottle (that i got from target) a princess crown, flower hair ties and also some little mermaid lip gloss. (oh how loo loves making her lips pretty) Bug had a great time, running around with balloons filling up on strawberry birthday cake and best of all playing with her friends.


Nikki said...

Can I invite you to my daughters birthday party so you can make my daughter one!? That would have taken me like 3 weeks to accomplish! You are AMAZING!

Lisa Marie said...

Nikki stole my punch line. Except I want to invite Bug to MY b-day party. Or maybe one of the boys and you can make them matching ties or something cool like that. lol.

Laurie said...

You are seriously talented! I can't sew lol. Wish I could, but I can't...Plus I have no imagination...You always have this way with turning little things into something perfect!

Christina said...

That is AWESOME!

Kariann said...

I am jealous of your talents...:)