Saturday, December 18, 2010

2 new additions

Now before your thoughts go a wandering I'm talking about Avi's new Christmas tree ornaments. Sheesh people!

I knew I wanted to get Bug some sort of ornament this year. Since we weren't able to get her one last year and the year she was born we did a family one. My goal is for our tree one year to be filled with all kinds of different ornaments from the years. Like my mom did when I was younger.
My plan way to go to the Disney store and get ONE because I knew they were going to cost around $10 and I only had about 13 bucks on me. Low and behold those suckers were on sale! HECK YA $4.99. So we bought two. Hey I was still under the "I only wanna spend $10 budget" and we even had a little left over to get a few suckers from See's candy.
I know I'm super mom. Now we have Two friendly new faces that will grace our Christmas tree every year and one happy little chocolate smeared faced little girl.  

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Logan, Haylie, and Larkyn said...

You had me nervous for a min! ;)