Saturday, December 18, 2010


Nothing goes better with the holidays like a tumble down the stairs and matching black eyes.. I took this photo just a few hours after Avi went face first down the stairs. and before you get all "you should have been watching her" let me just say she's 2 almost 3, very independent and was doing princess twirls on the stairs. Luckily it was just a few stairs up and I'm glad she didn't get more hurt then see did. I just figure lesson learned.  and nuff said

You can't really tell from this photo that she is bruising, which is probably a good thing. She was watching Toy Story and was a bit distracted but I did get a sad face out of her.

On to a lighter, mucher sillier subject; Avi figured out that sliced processed cheese sticks to things...

She was very proud of this knowledge and then proceeded to say "Cheese" for the camera while staring at her cheese. It's kinda poetic

and last but not least:

if you knew her you would love her.
 Sweetest and most caring little girl I have ever known. Way to smart for her own good and has a way with making you smile even when you are sooo upset. One thing I'm afraid of is when she gets old and my personality starts coming through.. yikes!

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Lisa Marie said...

You can't always be watching. I think it's physically impossible. I'm surprised my kids haven't had black eyes yet. Watch, now that I wrote that, it will happen today.