Friday, December 17, 2010


 Sweet Dress!

If you are wondering as to why there are so many pictures of me, I was trying to make a point.
 I have had alot of different hair styles along with hair color. granted these aren't all of them. I wasn't going to spend an hour scanning old picture of my self just for me to get embarrassed. 

So here goes Hello my name is Nemiha am 27 years old and FINALLY have my natural hair color back after approx 11 years. "phew" that felt good. And I gotta tell you, I don't remember being this brunette. Can I still consider myself a dark blonde.. pleeeeease.

Granted that really isn't the best picture of me, well to tell you the truth no picture is a good picture when you have to take it yourself. Every time I had husband home I was way to distracted with other things you know like dinner, dishes, bathtime and also bathing bug. I would also like to add that I don't have a bobby pin holding back my hair that's all PALMADE BABY!! I love how short it is. My next challenge is to no cut my hair and see how long it grows in the next 5 years. I say five years because that will most likely get the length down pass my shoulders. my goal is belly button.. we'll see.

Alright I have no idea what I wrote about because I started this post 3 weeks ago!, Like I said... bad blogger.  And I'm not going to go back and sentence correct or check for spelling errors because it will not only annoy my little sister it will bu g my husband as well. =) such love.


Cory&SadieK said...

I love your short palmade hair! It's super cute and sassy on you. And wahoo for your natural hair color! I just got the last of my highlights cut out a week ago! I don't remember having such dark hair either!

Christina said...

Super surprised to see an oldie-moldy picture of ME and you as the first pic on this blog! Whoa! Was that NY!?!? Awwww . . . so fun!

I am a big fan of natural hair color (especially for people like us who have such naturally beautiful hair color). {:

Added bonus that I was dyeing my hair dark when that first picture was taken.

Laurie said...

I like your current picture/Hair, super cute! Funny thing my hair, in the past I had only dyed it twice and highlighted twice, it was natural for years, got crazy and chopped my hair and dyed it darker brown in June. Now it has grown a few inches since and my hair is growing in the SAME color I dyed it! It is the weirdest thing, how does that work? LOL