Thursday, December 2, 2010

Playin Catchup- Halloween

It downed on my that I haven't posted anything Bug-esc for a while and my posted have been quite random. So here goes
Bug and I went and visited my friend E.M. at a local pumpkin patch in October something just before Halloween. ( I said I was behind)  Bug had a ton of fun Playing in the HUGE pile of corn, Jumping from haystacks
 E.M's husband was nice enough to shower her with corn and she loved it!
She even got to feed and pet a Kangaroo.

 Along with running around in a maze.
It was difficult to get her to leave I think we ending up being there for abut 2 hours. but she had fun, the weather was beautiful and I got some much needed out of the house time.

Since I"m sticking witht the Halloween theme:

Bug was Sleeping Beauty for Halloween, I had spent a good amount of time sewing her costume, it took me longer ten expected because I was making the pattern up as I went along. And let me tell you that I am TERRIBLE at putting in zippers.. I mean sure they aren't that hard but something always seems to go wrong and I end up with a bow (that joke was for my mom... lol)  But what I lack in Zipper skills I makeup for IN sleeves. I'm going to brag a bit, I am freaking amazing at drawing sleeves and making them perfect on any shirt, makes me happy and it totally helps out when I want to add sleeves to different dresses or shirts.
I wasn't able to get a great picture of Bug in her costume because she just wasn't having a good day. No Nap, she didn't want to wear the entire costume, she was excited though when I put makeup on her. She was walking around the house batting her eyes at both Husband and I.
 It pouring the day they were doing the Trick or Treating so it ended up being just a line of cars at the church. I think it was a bit overwhelming for Bug because she was like this:
And this the entire 15 mins we were in there.

This is how she now wears her Halloween Costume... it's got some style to it and it makes her happy to I'm ok with it.

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