Friday, January 21, 2011

Book Review 2

Read Jan 13- Jan20

I am a big fan of the show Castle, and It really has nothing to do with the story line, ( even though that helps) I just have a HUGE crush on Nathan Fillion. Who doesn't right?
So here I was walking along the hall in the phoenix terminal and I see.. NAKED HEAT  I was so excited that I call my mom and tell her about it and what does she say " Honey, I have the first one here if you want to read them when you get into town."  later I find out My sister SA has it! LAME
blah blah blah back home blah blah back to California blah fill in the middle part.. I get my hands on the book Heat Wave and immediately I think, this is just a longer version of the TV show with different names for the people. It also seemed like the actual writers where the same writers from the show because they had a TON of the same phrases, likenesses etc..  On the plus side I did like that I couldn't figure out who the killer was going to be so that was an added bonus. The Second book Naked Heat was better because you already knew the characters, the tension between them and the writing and flow of the book was way better its as if the finally got the flow right.

It was an easy read and entertaining but not addicting. I mainly read them so fast because I have nothing better to do and I wasn't interested in starting a new book just yet..


I had these little books when I was younger and I remember loving them! My mom as a present to Bug bought her a complete set from EBay since they are no longer in print. When we received them in the mail I showed her and this is what she said:

Bug: For me?
Me: Yes bug these are your very own books
Bug: oh I love them I love them, Look at how many!

( now as you read this thing extremely dramatic, because that is how she is )

Thanks mom for letting me borrow your books and buying Bug hers, you are the BEST!

on a side note Bug just came into the computer room looked at my keyboard and said

"thats the letter L" and Totally knew what she was talking about

l u z h o a - thats from bug -  those are the letters she was able to point to and name

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Fur (JZ) said...

For Cute!! I went and saw Tangled today for work and thought of Avi the whole time.