Thursday, January 20, 2011

Photo a Day - Day Two

What Avi does when she thinks no one is watching.

She is in serious need of a nap and I just had major deja vu... that was weird.  Anyway, I'm really surprised that I even got an "action shot" the moment Avi saw the camera she got embarrassed and ran away.

A few weeks back Husband and I were discussing what we should do for Bug school and extra curricular wise. ( can you use the phrase extra curricular when they aren't even in school yet?)  We decided that instead of putting her in a pre-pre school since we are doing a bang up job teaching her basics things. She can count to eighteen with out any help and then past eighteen is jumped to thirteen and then ten. she knows her ABC's and is starting to recognize them on paper.

Do we decided on a dance class. Which she wont be starting until March. That way she will be 3 and I will be kind of a birthday present. The Dance studio I want to take her to isn't in my neighborhood but seriously worth the drive. She will be learning Ballet, Jazz and Tap. I think I might be more excited then she is and that mainly because she has no idea that its coming.

To my little Dancer:
You are Graceful even when you fall over,
You can spin and twirl for hours and never seem to get dizzy,
You think Sunday and dress up shoes are meant for dancing,
You are lovely, silly, delicate and best of all caring.

Life's a dance you learn as you go sometimes you lead and sometimes you follow.
-John Michael Montgomery

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